Meg Cutler

Office Security
Meg is a 9-year old Sprocker Spaniel (Springer/Cocker cross). although she still behaves like a puppy in the office - which is the same for most of us, being honest!

She is responsible for barking very loudly towards all visitors to Kamili's offices, making herself sound about three to four times the size she really is. Despite her bark, she's actually a real softie and is more likely to roll on her back demanding a tummy tickle, than anything else.

Favourite Animal : All Cats.....just let me at 'em
Favourite Bird : All birds, especially big, slow ones.
Best Wildlife Encounter : Alfie, the spaniel at the village pub is really cute.
Most wants to see : Cats, cats, cats.....more cats.
Most wants to visit : Kenya's Masai Mara. I hear there are lots of discarded bones on the plains...
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