Tim Henshall

Managing Director
Tim describes himself as a serial safari-er having first visited Africa over 20 years ago and has returned 50+ times since. Tim (along with wife, Mandy) has visited over 70 countries around the globe, often in search of wildlife - from anacondas in Venezuela to tigers in India.

Tim is a lifelong marketer, with over 30 years experience. He has held senior marketing roles at a number of international brands in various categories (from sports to jeanswear), as well as leading roles within marketing and advertising agencies. He has been fortunate enough to win industry awards for creativity, marketing strategy and effectiveness. Tim is also a keen photographer, as many of the images on this website show.

Tim started Kamili in 2006, combining all of his passions (marketing, wildlife, travel and photography) into one, and openly states he has "the best job in the world". In 2013, he launched Kamageo to market country destinations (www.kamageo.com) and in 2014 added Kameric, to promote larger safari businesses (www.kameric.com).

For five years (2010 until May 2015) Tim was a Board Director of Attaand briefly served on the board of SATOA.

Favourite Animal : Cheetah
Favourite Bird : Lilac-Breasted Roller
Best Wildlife Encounter : Lowland Gorillas in Congo and Mountain Gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda
Best Community Experience : Meeting Himbas in Kunene, Namibia.
Most wants to see : Aardwolf, Bonobos and Okapis
Most wants to visit : Kibale in Uganda (again!) and Zikouma in Chad.

Contact tim@kamilisafaris.com

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