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Madagascar is a beautiful remote destination, increasingly requested for travellers from the UK. The diversity of this country is immense. With unique flora and fauna to be found in equally unique environments. The island also boasts charismatic lemurs, captivating chameleons and delightful forests and beaches. It possesses differing landscapes, abundant bird life, and a unique culture.
With ICTours you can explore the worlds 4th largest island and embrace its remoteness as you relax in relative isolation.
Because of this isolation, more than 90 per cent of all plant and animal species found on the island are endemic, ranging from about half the world's 150 or so vibrant species of chameleons, more than 100 species and sub-species of lemurs and the carnivorous fossa. The birdlife in Madagascar is abundant, with 258 bird species, 115 of these exclusive to the island including quirky Birds of Paradise. 


With few UK operators currently offering tailor made or set itineraries to the island, now is the time to visit. ICTours is a locally owned tour operator based in Antananarivo and is run by the highly qualified and experienced Hely Rakotomanantsao, making this is an excellent little operator! Routes are chosen that take you well "off the beaten track", away from the tourist crowds, into clean, pristine, and little visited areas. Specialising in ecotourism and culture, allowing you to explore the stunning and unspoiled landscapes in the security of a well organised and friendly team.
ICTours is not a big company, but its ethos is to ensure clients are not treated like “numbers” but are personally taken care of before, during and even after their trip to Madagascar. Specialising in ecotourism and culture, the trips and treks are designed for adventurous to luxury clients who want to get to know this beautiful island.

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