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In 2012, Thousand Hills introduced their sister company Amber Expeditions, a more 'standard' level of product. Although it still offers an excellent service, the high standards are the same, but for example, with Amber Expeditions, clients have one guide/driver rather than two members of staff. The same accommodation options can be selected too. 

Special Offers

Must see places in Rwanda:

Kigali- upon arrival at the Kigali International Airport, your journey of discovery begins in the capital city.

Volcanoes National Park- the habitat of the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys, tucked amidst a chain of five volcanoes in the north.

Nyungwe National Park- the largest mountain rainforest in Rwanda, an abode to the incredible chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys as well as over 100 species of fauna, flora and birds. 

Akagera National Park- a haven of indigenous bird species and a paradise for lovers of wildlife.

Lake Kivu- picture perfect landscapes and scenic islands, encircled by one of Africa's great lakes.


Proving a flexible, diverse and very competitive product. Tailored for the mid-range market, comprising individuals, families, small groups, special interest groups and business travellers alike.

The directors of Amber Expeditions are experienced travellers and professionals who are knowledgable, capable and extremely passionate about tourism in Rwanda. They possess extensive experience gained from around the world, and it is this and their intimate knowledge of Rwanda that sets them apart from the rest on the ground. 

The company is also proudly committed to the preservation of the environment and is enthusiastically involved in the pursuit of eco-tourism. 

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